Compulsory Purchase – Expert advice to landowners

Published On: June 13th, 2024Categories: Uncategorized

New infrastructure projects are increasing throughout the rural UK and with them so is the likelihood of possible conflict between the interests of landowners, developers and utility providers. Our land resource is finite and there is more and more competition for alternative uses from utilities, road improvements, telecoms and energy schemes.  Anyone affected by proposal to build new or upgrade existing infrastructure must make sure they are properly represented from the earliest stages of a project – do not bury your head in the sand! 

We advise on the impacts of compulsory acquisition to rural land and property owners, commercial and residential property owners and business owners. 

We are experts in all matters of compulsory purchase and compensation.  Our team have worked on a broad range of projects across the UK, representing both land and property owners and acquiring authorities.   

Our experts regularly deal with compensation claims involving works to new and existing infrastructure on road, rail, energy and commercial redevelopment schemes.  We have expertise in assessing property values, formulating Severance and Injurious Affection claims and considering losses for any disturbance as a result of the scheme.  For more information please get in touch here or follow this link to our website to see how we can help.

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