COP21 deal a step in the right direction.

Published On: December 14th, 2015Categories: News

On Saturday world leaders agreed a broad process to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to limit global temperature rises to not more than 2 degrees centigrade up to the end of the century.

The time scales for implementation are tight and there is an obligation for more developed countries to provide $100bn annually to help poorer countries move towards renewable energy.

Politically, everyone appears to be more or less on the same page which has to be a positive step.  We will have to watch closely to see how the commitment manifests at a national level.  The UK government has faced a fierce response to its proposed cut in finical support for renewable energy and is under pressure to make an announcement on the future of the Feed in Tariff before the end of the year.  Lets hope that this doesn’t contradict the deal that they have agreed in Paris.



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