Government publishes response to Water NSIP Consultation

Published On: August 21st, 2018Categories: News


Earlier today DEFRA published their response to the Consultation on National Policy Statement for Water Resources Infrastructure – types and sizes of projects.  This effectively sets the criteria to determine a proposals classifiacation as a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project.

The key intended changes to the thresholds in the Planning Act 2008 are stated as:


  • increase in volume held back to 30 million m3 (30,000 megalitres) with a qualifying figure of 80 megalitres per day deployable output.



  • reduction in the threshold from the current 100 million m3 to developments which are expected to exceed 80 million litres per day deployable output.



  •  introduction of a specific definition for desalination plants which exceed 80 million litres per day deployable output.


Effluent reuse

  • no separate definition envisaged, but schemes that are considered to be nationally significant, could be directed into the NSIP regime.


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