BPS system nightmare for farmers

Published On: March 23rd, 2015Categories: News

The Rural Payments service left it until late on Friday night to formally notify registered BPS applicants that the new computer system, designed to streamline the claim submissions process, will not be ready for use prior to the 15th May deadline.  There will be interim provisions to allow applications this year, but the whole process has been thrown up in the air and the Government will have to accept a degree of leniancy in the accuracy of submissions given the scale of this most recent debacle.

In their announcement the RPS stated:

”We know there have been performance problems with the online interface that is supposed to make it easy for farmers to use, so we’re making some changes to how you apply for BPS, and providing extra support to help you complete your claim by the deadline.”

These changes are likely to include a fast track application for farmers not having to comply with the greening process and the re-issue of some good old paper maps for those who do.

There is likely to be further development over the coming weeks as the inevitable fall out ensues – let battle commence!!

If you are concerned about your own application Wilson Fearnall are on hand to help.  Please contact the office and we can support you through your BPS application.




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