Government publishes ‘Garden Communities’ prospectus.

The government has invited councils and developers to bid for support and funding to deliver ‘discrete new settlements’ or ‘transformational’ redevelopments of existing settlements, under criteria set out in its garden communities prospectus published earlier this week.

Proposals should be submitted via MHCLG’s DELTA portal by 9 November 2018 but the process requires applications ‘to have been preceded by a period of engagement with the Department and Homes England, and encourage initial contact to be made as early as possible‘.

Interestingly,  as well as being to able demonstrate consideration of Delivery and Timescales, infrastructure requirements and access to finance, MHCLG expect credible outline proposals to also demonstrate ‘opportunities to capture land value’.   Not great news for 3rd party landowners expecting more than existing use value for any land taken for these developments.

Interesting to see what comes forward, but lets hope that these proposals are truly sustainable and that this is not just the encouragement of medium term ‘sprawl’ into previously undeveloped areas.

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